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The Integrated Engineering MK5 GTi 2.0 TFSI Cold Air Intake Kit is the perfect intake upgrade for your car. It’s suitable for pretty much all EA113 2.0TFSi cars and benefits include added horsepower and torque, perfect MAF scaling, improved throttle response and increased turbocharger noise.

These really do sound cool and increase power by 10 BHP on a totally stock car and increases with mapped cars as the higher airflow makes better use of the  Integrated Engineering intake.

Product Features

• Gains of 10+ BHP and heaps of mid range torque
• Massive 5 inch diameter air filter
• High-flow velocity stack
• Delivers cold air to your turbocharger
• Cleans up any engine bay
• Perfect fitment by utilising factory airbox mounts
• Crackle black powder coated inlet pipe and heat shield
• Durable 3-ply silicone couplers


2.0 TFSi Power Gains

The high flow design and and massive 5 inch filter inlet help deliver the largest power increase possible from an intake system while smooth pipework with minimal joins increase airspeed and maximise the airflow to the turbo.

  • Expect peak gains of 10+ HP on stock vehicles
  • Expect even more on tuned and big turbo vehicles

Included in the kit:

  • Custom sized MAF tubing
  • 3 inch diameter powder coated inlet pipe
  • Heat shield & massive air filter
  • All necessary hardware (clamps, nuts, bolts, etc)

Drive safely with perfect MAF scalling

Your 2.0 TFSI ECU uses the MAF (mass air flow) sensor to calculate how much fuel is needed when idling or driving. When the diameter of the inlet pipe or MAF sensor location is altered it can lead to check engine lights (CEL) incorrect fuelling or a poorly running vehicle. This MAF error usually translates to a lean running engine, which is bad news. This cold air intake is specifically developed to have a perfect MAF scalling, so you will have perfect fuelling.

IE has completely eliminated this issue by engineering the perfect MAF sensor placement and IE custom tube diameter. Unlike other 3 inch inlet pipe intakes available, the IE custom tube diameter ensures that the MAF sensor functions as the factory intended. This equates to the car running at it’s full potential and making the most power possible.

Design that stands above the rest

IE engineers set out to develop a 2.0 TFSi Cold Air Intake that looks great and performs even better. The latest in computer design and 3D scanning technology were employed during the development process for a perfect fit and maximum performance.

High Flow Velocity Stack

Delivering cold air to you engine is a must for making power. The velocity stack efficiently channels air as quickly as possible into the intake system. The velocity also functions as solid mount for the air filter which means no intake pipes rattling on heat shields.

Huge Flow Capabilities

This Intake delivers an impressive flow increase to feed your turbo. More cold air flow means more power; especially during the hot summer months. Ditch your stock restrictive airbox for the IE intake System.

Heat Shielding

IE uses a two piece heat shield which performs and looks great. It effectively channels cold air from the front of the car to the massive performance filter. Furthermore it eliminates the induction of hot air found in other locations of the engine bay.

Large Diameter 5″ Filter

The filter included in this kit is the biggest available on the market! It works efficiently to feed your turbo with the cold air it needs. It also keeps the air going into the turbocharger clean and debris free ensuring long life.

Clean Appearance

Crackle black powdercoated inlet pipes and heat shields result in sleek and sporty appearance in any engine bay. The head shield features a classy, laser etched, stainless steel IE logo badge.

Easy Installation

This Intake fits without any modification. Install easily with basic tools. The fact that IE intake utilizes the factory airbox mounts ensures a perfect and hassle free fit. Additionally the stock rubber mounts allow for engine movement which keeps intake components from getting damaged.

Installation is quick and easy install with basic tools. The process should take around an hour for most enthusiasts. CLICK HERE to view and download the install guide.

Will this fit my car or just 2.0 TFSi MK5 GTi?

The Integrated Engineering 2.0 TFSi intake works with all EA113 2.0TFSi engines found in VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models, including:

Audi 8P 2.0T and 8P S3, VW Golf MK5 GTi, MK5 ED30, Jetta 2.0T, Seat Leon Cupra 2.0T, Leon Cupra R and Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0T.

If you have any questions about suitability for your car, contact us.


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