Garage Midnight Hold Fast Stud Kit

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The original thread-in motorsport stud kit. Convert your car from original bolts to high-strength motorsport studs. Studs are a more durable and reliable way of attaching wheels than bolts, think about head studs vs head bolts.

Swap to studs and you can change wheels quicker too because of this the stud kit is ideal for track days, especially if you have slip-on shim spacers. Simply slide the spacers over the studs and put the wheel on. Say goodbye to peering through wheel holes and fiddling to line spacers up.

All types of motorsport teams use Garage Midnight stud kits around the world. They’ve even made it up Pikes Peak International Hillclimb on the EPS Motorsport Audi S1. Because these studs are a trusted upgrade you’ll see them in pit garages up and down the country, not to mention at track days and at race events everywhere. Don’t take our word for it though, check the reviews.

Included in the stud kit

  • 20x 60 degree taper fit open ended nuts
  • 20x high tensile 10.9 snub nose allen drive studs

All parts are finished in a hard wearing, weather resistant black finish. Because there is nothing more motorsport than black. Regular cleaning with non-acidic wheel cleaner keeps them looking their best and regular lubrication will ensure correct torquing.

Choose from M12 or M14 stud diameters, 1.25mm or 1.5mm thread pitches and 75, 82 or 90mm lengths in the drop down menu. Generally speaking 75mm suits a stock offset wheel without spacers. 82mm for 10mm spacers and 90mm for 20mm. These options will cover most popular applications. If you are not sure what will fit your car then get in touch, we’ll be happy to advise.

NOTE: The nuts are for 60 degree taper wheels. Aftermarket wheels and BMW OEM wheels have this fitment. Other brands like VW use radius seats for OEM wheels, with radius seat bolts. You cannot use this stud kit with a wheel with radius seats. 

How to fit

Install in under thirty minutes. The process is simple thanks to a raised collar. Simply wind the stud into a clean hub with a little stud lock by hand and then tighten to 40nm. Then tighten nuts to 135nm.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

10 reviews for Garage Midnight Hold Fast Stud Kit

  1. Rob

    Run these on both my cars. Makes spacing the wheels a lot easier and takes away the hassle of wheel bolts cross threading.
    Also gives any road cars a instant motorsport look.

  2. Paddy McG

    The first upgrade I would now make to any future car. Not only do they offer improved clamping force, but huge convenience when changing wheels. Simple to install and hugely effective.

  3. Ben Chandler

    I’ve used this kit on my M3 and C63. It makes mounting the wheels a whole load easier and the parts themselves are very well made. Fast service, too.

  4. Mark Riccioni

    Quick, simple & affordable way to make a massive difference. Changing or spacing wheels is a breeze, looks properly cool too. Can’t recommend ’em enough.

  5. Mario Christou

    Bought these when I started taking my A1 on track, completely worthwhile. They make running spacers and wheel changes a piece if cake and they look totally badass.

  6. Jay Mack

    Perfect……..easy to install makes swapping wheels so much easier and looks tough as nails…

  7. Adam (verified owner)

    Run this on my Audi and these snazzy little kits are the best thing since……well…….since these. They are long unlike my little friend and can hold a wheel on pretty damn good. Wheel changes are made easier than A B G and gives you the chance to make the width of the car well gurt. Solid 10 out of 10

  8. Cam (verified owner)

    Top quality product! Process was dead simple to install.
    Wheels go on super easy, love the look, fitting spacers is now easier. Totally recommend

  9. Si

    I’ve used various nuts, from load of different high end brands, including project mu and rays, and these are the best I’ve had. It’s always been an issue having to re-torque constantly on track days, and these I’ve never had to! No one likes loose nuts, let alone when you drop a nut at the wrong time… it could get messy.

  10. Gary Glitter

    I’ve bought two kits for both my E39 Tourings. I was asked to write a review in return for a fondle.

    Got rid of deez nutz and haven’t looked back.

    just make sure you torque them correctly, and they make swapping wheels ridiculously easy, so much so that even I can do it, can’t ask for more than that. If you do, should you really be allowed out in public?

    19mm socket to fasten the nuts, and size 5 allen to fasten the studs to the hubs. blue or red stud locker to ensure the studs adhere to the hubs and can’t come loose upon even the most harshest cornering and crashing of armco.

    no need for longer bolts when buying adapters too, so saves you moolah while looking like the dogz bollocks.

    what are you waiting for?

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