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Knock knock, who’s there? It’s your front subframe dude, wearing itself looser than.. well, you know the saying. With the TyrolSport Deadset Front kit you can finally eliminate the subframe clunk that plagues pretty much every MK5/MK6 Golf plus a heap of Audi/Seat/Skoda models that are driven quickly.

The clunk manifests itself initially as a pop or a creak, especially when turning into sloped driveways or when stopping/starting. It’s simply that your subframe is slopping about.

Tyrolsport has developed custom locating collars to ensure the subframe stays in place and does not shift under load. The collars of the TyrolSport Deadset Front kit are machined out of 954 Bronze alloy for the ultimate strength and corrosion resistance.  Each collar is machined for a specific location on the subframe and is dual-sided for a perfect fit. The collars also have a recess to positively locate the bolt head and lock everything in tight.

Tyrolsport has worked with ARP to develop a better solution to the OEM bolt for the TyrolSport Deadset Front kit. It far exceeds the OEM tensile strength, yet mimics the OEM hardware in shear so is safe in the event of an accident, an important consideration.

If you want to get real geeky, the fasteners also have a very special thread engagement area, and a chamfered bull nose tip. Thebull nose tip helps locate the bolt to the body and makes the installation process a breeze. Without this bull nose aligning and installing a subframe deadset kit is much more difficult, and prone to thread stripping.

TyrolSport Deadset Front kit works on the following vehicles and is compatible with any combination of aftermarket control arm bushings currently available, including SuperPro and the WhiteLine Anti-Lift kit:

For all VW MK5 and 6 Golf, Jetta, Jetta GLI, GTI, and R32/Golf R. Audi A3 8P. VW Passat B6. VW Tiguan and pretty much all Seat/Skoda of that era use standard kit.

For MK2 Audi TT and TT RS applications please select the “Audi TT” option from the drop down menu, these vehicles require a different bolt set.

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Standard, Audi TT


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