TyrolSport Brake Caliper Stiffening Kit for Audi A4/A5, S4.S5 B8 & B8.5


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The TyrolSport Brake Caliper Stiffening kit, or Rigid Caliper Slider kit (RCS) is the newest addition to our solid brake bushing family.

Machined in the USA from 954 Bronze alloy, these bushings are a precision fit to all Audi B8 and B8.5 front brake calipers (A4, S4, A5, S5). Caliper deflection is greatly reduced over the stock rubber bushings, allowing for even pad wear and increased brake pedal response.

This new bushing design glides freely along 303 stainless steel pins and secures with stainless snap-rings. The kit features a double 8 grease groove to help with lubracation and caliper pin heat distribution. Rubber boots reused from the stock bushings round off the RCS kit and extend maintenance intervals beyond each brake job.

Learn more by watching this comparison of the TyrolSport RCS vs stock here.

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